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Making it up as we go along

In the start-up life, there is no infrastructure, and your opinion on everything matters. Think of all the things that are provided for you in a big company.  There are standard offices, someone buys furniture, internet connectivity is provided, the … Continue reading

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Andy is graduated!

I’m actually fairly remiss here. Last weekend, Andy, my oldest son, graduated from U.Va. And somehow, I never posted. Congratulations Andy! Needless to say, we’re very proud. Also needless to say, it seems a bit strange to have my oldest … Continue reading

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Off to a good start

So yesterday, I’m sitting in an all-day meeting with my fellow starter-uppers to nail down details of how we’re going to work together and what we’re going to build. A lot of requirements discussions, diving deep into the product definition. … Continue reading

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Start of the adventure

After ten years of working at AOL, tomorrow is my last day. I’m joining a start-up as the VP of engineering, something that sounds a little less impressive when you realize that for the next six months at least there … Continue reading

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