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A very geeky family moment

My daughter, home from college, plays Dungeons and Dragons.  She is playing in a campaign over this summer with some college friends who happen to live in the area. My son, who is now living in Charlottesville, used to play … Continue reading

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A criticism of Ruby

In general, I’m really loving working with Ruby on Rails.  (For the non-technical, that is a programming language and development environment.)  I’m astonished at how fast I can build things with it. But I do have one criticism.  I am … Continue reading

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A criticism of Google

This past week, I’ve been spending my time installing software of various sorts for my new job.  Much of that has involved doing new things, including finding documentation for things that I need to do online.   In the course of … Continue reading

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Curse you, entropy gods!

The gods of entropy have been having much play with the Dzikiewicz family of late. Within the last month, we’ve had breakdowns of a washing machine, car, and AC unit. Today I’m dealing with the biggest issue yet. Julie got … Continue reading

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Launching my baby bird

This has been a season of great changes. But this weekend was probably the greatest. Julie and I packed the van and drove one bed, four chairs, seven cartons of miscellaneous items, and our son Andy to Charlottesville, where he … Continue reading

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