Grand Cayman ho!

I’m sitting in the Marriott Beach Resort in Grand Cayman. We’re spending the week here. I do love the tropics, and I have rarely so needed some time to relax, to float in the water and let the world spin on its own for a while.

Nothing much to tell of our flight. We got on the plane, we got off the plane. We got on another plane, we got off that plane. We’re here now.

I’ve already gone snorkeling. There’s a nice bit of reef off the hotel’s beach. Lots of spiny sea urchins, lots of Caribbean-style fish, a couple of anemones, one rather large conch. Plenty of cool reef to explore.

Tomorrow morning I’m going scuba diving. Yay scuba!

We dined at Coconut Joe’s. Quite nice, dining outside under a large tree with a bunch of chickens running around. The girls got a big kick out of feeding lettuce to the chickens, and the chickens seemed to enjoy it also.

Overall, I’ve never been to any foreign country that felt so much like America. The main drag has every American fast-food restaurant imaginable – including two Burger Kings. Julie and I went to a supermarket that would have felt natural in some strip mall in the states. There’s Christmas lights everywhere. And the people we meet are the typical global mix that you’d expect in any US city. Lots of Caribbean natives, sure, but also lots of Americans, Eastern Europeans, English, and miscellaneous. (No doubt brought here by the prospect of working a menial job in paradise. Hey, if you’ve got to be a waitress in a hole in the wall dive, might as well be at a dive that’s across the street from one of the world’s great beaches.)

I’ll fill you all in on the day-to-day activities. For now, time to sleep.

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