The afternoon is family time

I get back from diving at noon and meet up with everyone. We go out for some Mongolian barbeque for lunch (yum!). Then a couple hours shopping in town, followed by some snorkeling with Kate. A fine afternoon! Here’s some pictures:

Some of the ships in Georgetown harbor:


One of the shops we visited:


Kate and Diana getting eaten by landsharks. (Landsharks are a major problem in these parts.)

img_1195.jpg img_1196.jpg

Kate, snorkeling. (She managed to recover from the landshark attack.)


Me snorkeling.  Note the water-level in my snorkel.  This is the worst snorkel we have – Kate grabbed it when we went down, so naturally I let her have the good one.  I’m lucky I didn’t drown.


Our resort, from where we were snorkeling. (We went out pretty far.)


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