Yummy brunch – it had better be…

The thing about Marriott resorts is that they have a never-ending stream of lavish events for large prices. Case in point:

Today, while Julie and I drove around the island, the kids lounged on the beach. At some point, as often happens with kids, the girls got hungry. So they went to the hotel restaurant where they found a nice brunch buffet set up. Yum, they said. The food was quite good, the service excellent, what’s not to love?

Then came the bill, and they found out what’s not to love. This was a Marriott special New Years brunch. $65 per person. Yikes!

So what’s a girl to do when faced with a bill like that? Or, more to the point, what’s two girls to do?

Charge it to the room, of course.

Before setting out this morning, I noticed a sign announcing the absurdly expensive New Years Brunch Buffet being held at the resort. And I wondered what kind of fool would pay that kind of money for brunch.

Now I know.

(And a postscript: if you know the Dzikiewicz family dynamics, you know who is going to be paying that particular bill.  In other words, I am not, in the above paragraph, accusing my daughters of being fools.)

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