Our last full day

Our last full day turned out to be a windy one.


High winds, rough seas – there’s a nor’easter coming this way, and the state of the island shows it.

First activity of the day: I finally got Julie out snorkeling. Alas, because of the roughness, visibility was limited, and so she did not have a lovely time. Julie is a bit nervous in the water at the best of times, and this was not the best of times. Still, I saw a nice ray, though no pictures.

Then, Julie, Kate, Diana, and I all went horseback riding on the beach. That was special – and the winds helped keep things comfortable and cool. A nice healthy bunch of horses as well.




Then off shopping in George Town. It was fun to watch the cruise-ship tenders maneuvering through the rough seas to bring hearty cruise-ship passengers to visit the town. That must have been a rough ride!

Back to the hotel, and I went for a short swim. My intention was to do a little body surfing, but a rocky bottom combined with poor visibility and memory of all those spiny sea urchins now hidden beneath the opaque waves quickly convinced me that the most comfortable dip would be in the hot tub.

Then one last dinner, this time at Decker’s. Nice, but not as nice as last night’s meal.




Note the pina colada in the picture above. Between this and some rum punch on the pirate ship, Kate is developing a taste for demon rum.

And so goes my last post from Grand Cayman. I’ll do a trip wrap-up somewhere in transit tomorrow. Now, to try to steel myself for a place where a cold day means something more than 70 degrees and high winds…

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