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More blogging by me!

I’m going to be occasionally blogging on technical matters on the new Mixx Engine Room blog.  (Mixx is where I work, for those who may not know.)  Those posts are going to be seriously geeky, so don’t be ashamed if … Continue reading

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Sloth is not usually one of my vices.  But this week, well… This past week, here at the beach, a typical day would go something like this: 9: Wake up.   Lie around in bed, talking to Julie. 9:30: Eat breakfast … Continue reading

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Recent reads

– Hens’ Teeth and Horses’ Toes by Stephen Jay Gould. A collection of essays about various aspects of biology and the history of biology. Gould was an expert as essay writing, mastering the technique of starting with some small but … Continue reading

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