More blogging by me!

I’m going to be occasionally blogging on technical matters on the new Mixx Engine Room blog.  (Mixx is where I work, for those who may not know.)  Those posts are going to be seriously geeky, so don’t be ashamed if you don’t decide to read those.  But if you are interested in how one goes about building a social news site in Ruby on Rails, check the Engine Room.

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  1. POTPOLITICS says:

    Let me just start off by saying that I NEVER go through all that to leave a comment.In fact I just bounce,but not with you.I will tell you why.
    I don’t know where you think the mixx is right now from the end visions
    so I will tell you as someone who has seen all of them.
    I have found the mixx to be the easiest,fastest,clean,never down,never lags,can keep up with John Sullivan just fine.Best of all is that line I love to hear Wow that was alot of people;)
    We can assume that 3.0 is here and the mixx is now cutting edge and I don’t see how it can be any more powerful but I’m sure you guys do…
    If that’s Ruby she’s a fine looking lady;)
    Best wishes from the man who brags about the mixx way to much and needs to get a Life;)
    Thanks to the whole crew @ the MIXX
    John Sullivan

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