I just posted this as a comment on a friend’s blog.  Then I decided I liked it enough to post it here.

I’m getting really tired of seeing things happen that, having read about them in the history books, I never thought I’d see. Like:

– I never thought I’d see a presidential impeachment. Then came Monica.

– I never thought I’d see a hung presidential election. Hello, 2000!

– On a more somber note, 9/11 came close to being the bloodiest day in American history. It didn’t quite beat our Antietam, but it sure looked close for a while.

– I remember Nixon – he’s the first president I do remember.  I never thought I’d see someone challenge his badness as worst president in my lifetime. Surprise!

– Now we see what may well become the next Great Depression. I don’t think it will get quite that bad, but still.

Could we please just have a few years of calm? I’m tired of seeing hugely historical events every other year or so. All I want is a decade of peace and quiet – is that so much to ask?


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  1. kernwill says:

    If I did not know any better, I would have thought I read this somewhere else earlier today :-).
    Glad I could be a source of inspiration for you (although I do not know if this falls in the category of inspiration, but I will take it)

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