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Argument with a bumper sticker

Seen on the back of a green Civic: SOCIALISM ISN’T COOL You know, they’re right.  There’s nothing cool about a bunch of bureaucrats trying to solve complex social problems for the benefit of the general public.  I’d go so far … Continue reading

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A Lexington Monument

On the Lexington battlefield, there was a monument erected in 1799.  It included a plaque that had to be the most melodramatic historical marker I’ve ever read, including no less than eight exclamation points.  As an apt finish to the … Continue reading

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Massachusetts wrap-up

Here’s the run-down of things that we did in Massachusetts: Sunday, August 9: We picked up Andy at the train station in Alexandria at 9:30 and spent the next twelve hours or so driving north.  A long day, but at … Continue reading

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We’re on vacation this week up in Massachusetts.  Salem, on the north shore, is my mother’s home town, though she hasn’t lived there in years.  I lived there myself for three years back in middle school.  So between family visits … Continue reading

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