A text message thread

Him (from a phone number in the 703 area code that I don’t recognize): Yo yo yo, question: how easy is it for you to get to boston?

Me: Not too hard, I guess.  Who are you?

Him: What?  How could you forget your favorite brothers phone number

Me: It’s easy.  Why, I don’t even remember having a brother.

Him: Ouch, i think you were nicer as a teenager.  I just wanted to say sorry for not calling on your bday before it got too tardy.  I want to make it up to

Him: you.  Hence the questions.

Me: Hmm… Really, it’s not my birthday, and I have no brother,

Me: So I think you have the wrong number.

Me: Plus, it’s been a long time since I was a teenager, and I’m much nicer now!

Him: Oh you’re right, wrong number.  Sorry, I thought you were my sister playing coy.

Me: No problem.  Wish her happy bday from me!

Him: Great to hear it.  I don’t doubt it for a minute.  Nice talking to you tonight!

Me: Bye.


And a note: I rather like the kind of random electronic encounters that modern technologies have brought us.  This one certainly gave Julie and me a few smiles tonight.

And Happy Birthday to my unknown correspondent’s sister, wherever she may be!

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