Today Julie sat overlooking the sea


while the girls and I went snorkeling.


(The coral reefs off the beach are as good as any I’ve seen – great snorkeling.  And I saw an octopus – first time I’ve seen one by day.)

Later, they went horseback riding down the beach (I was too big for the Puerto Rican horses)…


while I went for a long walk, down to the cliffs at the end of the beach.


I’m not sure what Andy was doing all day, but he seemed to be happy when I ran into him.

Then we all got together for a nice Italian dinner, then it was off for the traditional family trip to Walmart.

G’night all!

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3 Responses to Sunday

  1. Alsomd says:

    WALMART???? You go all the way to Puerto Rico to go to Walmart????

  2. bopone says:

    The picture of Julie looks almost Zen-like. Geez, I envy you guys. So what is the grocery store story, anyway?

  3. PeppermintPatty says:

    great pics! I am living vicariously through your trip!

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