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I knew I was forgetting something in that last post.  I also read these over the last couple of months:

General of the Army: George C> Marshall, Soldier and Statesman, by Ed Cray.  A biography of George Marshall, Army chairman during WWII and the Secretary of State who gave the world the Marshall Plan.  A good biography of a great man.

Victorian London: The Tale of a City, by Liza Picard.  This fine book covers several aspects of what it was like to live in London during the Victorian era.  Everything from the smell of the city (pretty bad, especially before they put in the sewers in around 1860) to what people ate to how the different classes lived to the style of their funerals.  Full of lots of fascinating tidbits that call out for more research.  Strongly recommended, especially if you want to know more about this era.

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