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I’m falling behind on this rather dreadfully.  Let me see if I can summarize the other trips I’ve taken since fall.

Back in fall, Julie and I went:

– To New York city, to see Sara, Gary, and Marjorie.  This was a trip full of happy coincidences.  First off, we went one day to visit the Medieval art museum at the Cloisters.  A lovely place, but best of all: there was a medieval fair going on that day which we greatly enjoyed.  Then we went to see “American Idiot” on Broadway, a show based on the album by Green Day.  That day, it happened that one of the cast members was out, so instead of an understudy they brought in Billie Joe Armstrong to play the part.  I’ve never seen a show where the audience was so excited – there was thunderous applause throughout, starting with the announcement that Armstrong would be appearing that night.  (And the show was great too, and Armstrong had tremendous stage presence.)  A fun trip.

– To Charleston, South Carolina.  We visited a bunch of Civil War sites, including Fort Sumter and the Hunley.  (The Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy vessel.  Built by confederates, it rammed and sunk a Union blockading vessel, subsequently sinking with all hands lost itself.  It was recently discovered in Charleston Harbor and is being restored – I strongly recommend visiting it if you have the chance.)  And we walked around Charleston and had a lovely meal.  Plus, we stopped off in Raleigh on the way back and had dinner with Kate.

– To Los Angeles.  These were a couple of business trips that I went on.  (My company was bought by an LA company back in early November and I was visiting them.)  So lots of boring business stuff, but I did manage to visit a couple of sites, including watching the sunset over the Pacific (always a pleasure), driving through one of those dry southern California valleys in the hills (a fun drive through strange landscapes), and a visit to the La Brea Tarpits (also fun).

And that rounded up my travels for 2010.

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