And one more

That’s the problem with waiting so long between updates: I start to forget what I’ve been reading.  There’s probably going to be more to come, but I did just remember one more, this one read on e-book:

The Fiddler in the Subway, by Gene Weingarten.  This is a collection of feature articles that Weingarten wrote for the Washington Post.  I’m a big fan of Weingarten’s pieces, and I greatly enjoyed this book.  I had read several when they were first published in the Post, but there were plenty of ones that were new to me.  I even enjoyed rereading the ones I had read before.  Relatively short pieces, as you would expect from newspaper magazine articles, consistently entertaining, some quite moving, and all worth reading.

Later: one more, this one I read in dead-tree media, a birthday gift from Andy:

The Upside of Irrationality by Dan Ariely.  A book by an experimental psychologist, all about the ways in which humans are irrational and, surprisingly, the benefits that can come from such irrationality.  I find cognitive psychology fascinating, and this one was a good read.

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