Art attack!

Like many women, Julie travels with a well-stocked purse.  One thing she’s just taken to bringing is baby aspirin, having recently read that immediately giving baby aspirin to someone who is having a heart attack can make a huge positive difference.

But that’s not the only attacks she’s ready for.  This trip, she’s also carrying a set of watercolors and a sketch book in case, as she says, she gets an Art Attack – a sudden urge to draw something that she sees.

She hasn’t had an art attack yet.  But tonight at the Tate Modern, I had one.  Upon encountering this piece:

I decided to try a technique I’d read about in camera books.  You set the camera to an exposure of 1-2 seconds, and while the shutter is open you zoom in the lens.  The result is something like this:

The shadow is Kate, who happened to be walking by.

Coincidentally, she was also walking by when I tried it with another piece of art:

And so I made it through my art attack, without even needing an aspirin.

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