London, 24/7

And so our trip comes to an end.  We came home on July 27, which in English terms is 24/7.  Rather appropriate, given the pace of the trip, and especially of the last day.

First there was one last stroll through London:

Then the cab ride to Heathrow, a long plane ride home, and, for me, a drive to Charlottesville to drop off Andy.  I ended up back home at 1 AM local time, which is 6 AM London time.  24×7 indeed.

A few reflections on London:

  • Kate and Diana most enjoyed the Much Ado production.
  • Andy loved the Victoria and Albert.
  • Julie enjoyed all the theater.
  • My favorites were Leeds and the various views of St Paul’s.
  • I did not much care for the bus tours.  Everything felt too rushed, and I prefer the greater flexibility that comes from having a car.  The one upside was that I could not have gotten everyone to out at 8 AM unless we were on a fixed schedule.
  • Our hotel, the Crowne Plaza St James, was excellent.  A short walk to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben.  A few issues with the rooms, but the staff dealt with them quickly and competently.  A nice, though expensive, breakfast buffet.  All in all, highly recommended.
  • What a terrific trip!
To me, there are two great pleasures in travel.  The first is going new places.  The second is going home again.  It’s nice to be back, though I don’t expect I’ll do much other than recover for the next couple of days.
And then it will be time to plan the next trip!
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  1. nycousin says:

    Joe departs London. Riots start. Timing is everything!

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