It’s the Tourism Police!

Egypt is serious about their tourism.  As they probably should be – it’s been a tourist destination for a very long time.  After all, Herodotus wrote what might have been the first tourism book about Egypt many many years ago.

Nowadays, they have a special police force that handles tourist issues.  Here’s one of their cars, as seen at Saqqara.

We even had a guard traveling with us whenever we were in Cairo.  Each day a man would be on the bus wearing a suit with a suspicious firearm-shaped bulge.  You can see a rather serious gun peeking out from under this guy’s jacket.


(Almost universally, the Egyptians that I met seemed to like having their picture taken.  You can see this by all the smiles in all the pictures you’ve seen in these past few posts.)

They even have a special emergency phone number for the Tourism Police.  It’s 122 for the normal police, 126 if you happen to be a tourist.

I’m not sure if all that protection makes me feel safer or more at risk!

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