Ireland #4

Wednesday, March 21

  • We visit the waterfall again. Julie digs out the bag of Lucky Charms she carried all over Ireland.  Really.  She really did that. She never did eat them.  She doesn’t even like them.  (Joe: still 5)

  • We drive the Ring of Kerry.  Part of it, anyway. (Joe: 2)
  • We visit an iron age stone fort. (Joe: 4)

  • We dip our toes in the sea.  Well, Joe does, anyway. (Joe: 2)

  • We go to Limerick Castle. (Joe: 4)

They’ve got a great high-tech visitors center.  And weird murals.

  • We go to the Medieval Feast at Bunratty Castle.  The music is sublime, the rest, not so much.  (Joe: 3. 4 for the music.)

Thursday, March 22

  • We go to the Cliffs of Moher.  That’s pronounced “More.”  Because we just had to see MORE! (Joe: 2, 3 if the weather were nicer)

It’s windy.  And rainy.  Really windy and rainy.

  • We go to the Burren.  (Joe: 3.  But 4 in past visits when the weather was nicer.)

  • Another random monastery! (Joe: 3)

  • A random castle – Athlone Castle.  Nice castle, amazing displays. (Joe: 3.  4 for the displays.)

  • A random art place and church across the street from the castle. (Joe: 2)
  • Roscommon Castle, a ruined castle.  (Joe: 3)

  • And that night we stay at… well, leave that for the next post.
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