Off to a good start

So yesterday, I’m sitting in an all-day meeting with my fellow starter-uppers to nail down details of how we’re going to work together and what we’re going to build. A lot of requirements discussions, diving deep into the product definition. And a lot of fun – there’s nothing quite like starting with a blank sheet and beginning something brand new.

It’s a meeting much like many that I’ve been in over the last several years. But at some point, I realize that there’s a big difference this time. Absolutely everyone who has a say in what we’re going to build is in the room. We don’t have to check with anyone else to make a decision, there is no chance that our plans will be overridden by some executive somewhere, we do not have to run things by Integrity Assurance or Legal.

Not only that, but there are only four of us. Four is a great number for this kind of meeting – everyone can be heard, everyone can influence the decision, but we can still move quickly through the agenda. It’s all really exciting, and things are moving forward quickly.

All of which is to say that I’m really enjoying the start-up life. Yes, I’m only two days in. Yes, there might be all sorts of troubles to come, and there’s certainly going to be a lot of long days.

But I’m working with some great people, and there’s no artificial barriers to what we’re doing. What a blast!

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  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like heaven. 😉

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