Curse you, entropy gods!

The gods of entropy have been having much play with the Dzikiewicz family of late. Within the last month, we’ve had breakdowns of a washing machine, car, and AC unit. Today I’m dealing with the biggest issue yet.

Julie got a call last night from one of the neighbors at the beach. Apparently water was streaming out of our house. That could be something relatively minor, or something relatively major. So we got her father to stop by the house to report further.

Alas, it was something relatively minor that has relatively major consequences. The toilets here have a habit of clogging up. The last time we were here, apparently we left the upstairs toilet clogged, and the flapper not completely closed. Had someone been here, the result would have been that we would have heard the toilet running in an annoying manner, someone would have noticed it, and we would have fixed things. But we were not here, not for the past two weeks. So the toilet overflowed and water continually dripped out, onto the floor, into the floor, onto the floor below, into the floor below, and onto the carport below that.

So, a relatively minor issue, but we’ve now got sopping carpets on two floors, water stains on a ceiling, and buckled hardwood floors in one section of the house. Which is particularly annoying because those hardwoods were just replaced about a month ago.

And here I am, sitting here in the beach house, having come down to meet the plumber and now waiting for the water-clean-up people. And cursing the gods of entropy – let them hover over someone else’s house for a while!

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