Another day…

Morning: scuba diving. A couple of rays, a lot of turtles, one guy making silly faces. (Note: you should not intentionally remove your regulator while diving. (The regulator is the mouthpiece that you breathe through.  (Okay, scuba geeks.  That’s not quite complete.  But close enough.)) Other note: I’m not terribly good at following rules.)


Early afternoon: A visit to the Grand Cayman turtle farm. It was a lot more interesting than it sounds – they farm green sea turtles. Lots and lots of tanks full of large sea turtles, ranging from a few months old up to 30+ year-old breeders. You can lift the 1-2 year olds, and touch lots of them. Interesting observation: the skin of the turtle legs gradually hardens and becomes the shell. There is no transition of the sort you would expect from cartoons – the legs and head cannot retract into the shell, because they do not go into the shell: they just become it.






After turtles, we stop off for a quick visit to Hell. That’s the name of a post office, here on Grand Cayman.



Late afternoon: Snorkel with Kate and Diana.  We see a bunch of cool stuff, including a conch shell inhabited by a conch.



Throughout the afternoon: Andy goes on a walk down Seven Mile Beach. The whole seven miles of it.

Evening: Dinner at the beach party run by the resort. And not terribly well-run, I’m afraid. But at least Kate and Diana get to go free, thanks to Kate’s l33t limbo skillz.


Two days down. And already our days are getting booked up – so much to do between now and next Thursday, so much that you’ll read about here.

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3 Responses to Another day…

  1. bkocik says:

    More importantly even than removing your regulator is that you should never hold your breath while diving. It’s a fantastic way to rupture a lung or two.

    Oh, and Hell is also a town in Michigan near where I grew up.

    Glad you’re having a good time. 🙂

  2. Alsomd says:

    Love the matching outfits on the Dzik ladies and the turtle……. Same fabric pattern on clothes as on the turtles’ heads. Who’s copying whom?

  3. Alsomd says:

    Andy walked down the beach AND back… plus a mile on rocks in bare feet after the seven miles.

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