Today was my last day diving this trip, largely because I’ve got conflicting plans on Wednesday, and tomorrow, in honor of the new year, I’m taking it easy. (Yeah, I know. Relaxing on a vacation. Where does that guy come up with these ideas?) So enjoy two last scuba pictures from this trip:



(And if you’re ever diving on Grand Caymans, I can recommend Wall to Wall divers. They’re a small group, running only two boats, but they’re reasonably small boats and well managed. I never dived with more than 9 divers, always had good guides, and excellent service.)

After that, it was a ride on a Pirate boat with Kate and Diana. (Andy wasn’t interested, Julie avoids boats.) There was a definite cheese factor, but it was fun. And halfway into the ride, the boat stopped and we were able to jump off and swim. The jumpers below are Kate and Diana, respectively.





I did take the opportunity to keelhaul myself. I jumped in on one side and swam under the boat to the ladder on the other. Lots of fun.

Important safety tip: if you happen to be a man-type person, and you happen to be cannon-balling off into the water from a great height, be sure to keep your legs together. And you are such a person, and you have ever failed to heed this advice, you know what I mean.

Special video bonus: Kate and Diana singing a sea chantey while riding on the boat’s poop deck, accompanied by the sounds of the wind.

After that, Julie and I got a couple’s massage. No pictures of that – sorry!

Now I’m sitting here, full of a big dinner, wondering if I’m going to make it until midnight to see in the new year. It’s not looking good, but I’ll let you know how things turned out in tomorrow’s post.

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