A new movie

After all the fun I’ve had doing 48 Hour Film Festivals, I decided I really wanted to try doing one by myself.  Do the writing, the directing, the camera work, the sound, and even all the acting.  And by myself, of course I mean with Julie’s help.

Looking at their schedule, I found that Richmond was holding a 48HFP, just a little ways down I95 from home.  So I entered.

Here’s the director’s cut of what we produced. By director’s cut, I mean this is not the version that I completed in 48 hours and submitted, but rather a version that I spent another week editing.

Flowers for Daniel from Joe Dzikiewicz on Vimeo.

I am happy with the result. I think it’s the best movie I’ve made yet. But I learned a lot of lessons, and I think there’s at least one major flaw in the movie. More on that when I have time for a post-mortem post.

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  1. rraynes says:

    Bravo Joseph. Great acting, great dialog and that woman–like third shift steam from a sweatshop window.

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