A day of rest, Joe-style

No diving today. Instead, Julie and I hopped in the car and drove around the island. The sites we saw:

– Rum Point. A crowded public beach with a dock at one end and food stands at the other. No big deal.

– Snorkeling at some random beach that we stumbled across. Lots of fan corals, bunches of undistinguished fish.


– A visit to the Grand Cayman Botanical Gardens. The place includes an English-style carefully cultivated country garden, only with tropical plants and iguanas. I discovered a few years back in England that I like carefully cultured English-style country gardens, the kind of places where even the butterflies seem planned, and they are even nicer with tropical plants.





– A visit to what the map said was the St James Pedro Castle. It wasn’t a castle, but there were cold drinks and a nice view.


– Snorkeling off another random beach. Some really good coral formations here.


– The best meal we’ve had on the island so far, at Casanova’s. I ate way too much.

– A special adventure that merits its own post.

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  1. Alsomd says:

    Rum Point Beach… sounds like my kinda place!

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