Sloth is not usually one of my vices.  But this week, well…

This past week, here at the beach, a typical day would go something like this:

9: Wake up.   Lie around in bed, talking to Julie.

9:30: Eat breakfast while reading a book and looking out over the bay.

10:00: Read while sitting on the deck.

11:00 Time for the late-morning nap.

12:30: Lunch!

1:00 Short walk on the beach (optional)

2:00 Sit on the deck and read.

3:30 Afternoon nap

5:30 Check email.

6:00 Dinner!

6:30 Read

8:00 Short walk on the beach.

8:30 Read

11:00 Go to bed.

When I comment on how little I’m doing, Julie usually responds, “Well, you probably need it.”  And boy, do I!

Anyway, I don’t want you to think I did absolutely nothing this week.  I went out sailing a couple of times.  (The wind wasn’t great, but there were dolphins in the bay one day, and the girls and I sailed with them.)  I played some RockBand with the family.  I even made it out to Mathews to see a movie one day.  And did I mention all those naps I managed to have?

Okay, so maybe I didn’t do much.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.

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