A story of global outsourcing

At one point on Sunday, my credit card stopped working.  I’m not a deadbeat – I swear – so I was sure that the card companies were wondering who’s the guy in India using Joe’s credit card.  (This was particularly annoying seeing that I had called my main card provider to tell them that I coming here, but I suppose I should be grateful that they’re keeping me safe.

When I got in, I called the American Express hotline to tell them to knock it off and let me start using my credit card already.  But using the hotel phone to make an international collect call to AmEx seemed nigh impossible.  So instead I used Skype to make the call.

As it happens, the representative that I spoke to was in Mumbai.  So here I am, in Bangalore working with Indians, talking over the internet to the US American Express customer service line, connecting via some network back to Mumbai, where I was speaking to an Indian rep from another US company.

Welcome to the wonderful world of globalization!


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