Vanity: a most inefficient vice

Julie and I are both in need of new clothes for the Egypt trip.  Our shopping experiences go like this:


  • Spend several hours on the web deciding on a store that has just the right collection of clothes.  Narrow it down to three choices.
  • Spend several more hours picking out boots.  Order five pairs in various styles and sizes.
  • Go to stores at two malls.  Reject first store out of hand.  Spend an hour in second store picking out several hundred dollars worth of stuff.
  • Go back to second store two days later.  Pick out another several hundred dollars worth of stuff.
  • Delivery guy comes with boots while at mall.  He’ll bring them again tomorrow.  Tragedy!
  • Agonize over purchases.  Decide that a couple of items aren’t right.  Bring them back to store.
  • Boots arrive.  Pick out favorite pair.  But there’s a problem: they fit too well.  (Joe confused: fitting too well is a problem?)
  • Return all but favorite pair of boots.  Determine that can return them within a year if perfect fit turns out to be a disqualifier.
  • Wardrobe ready, for now.


  • Notice that the JC Penney website is having a sale.  Favorite washable silk hawaiian shirt is only $20.  Order a dozen in various colors and patterns.  Get free delivery.
  • Shoes are no problem: last time I bought favorite shoes, I got two extra pairs to keep in closet for when the first pair wears out.


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