The great Confederate road trip, part II

Switching this to the Great Confederate Road Trip, largely because it occurred to me that on this trip, we’ll be traveling through 10 of the 11 Confederate States, and not hitting Yankee territory at all.  And who knows – I’m thinking of doing a brief detour to Florida, just so we can be 11 for 11.

Anyway, when last heard from, we were a little east of Nashville.  We got up, avoided a huge traffic clot, and made our way west.  We stopped off at Memphis to try some Memphis Barbecue – delicious stuff, and Julie said she couldn’t make it better, which is pretty much her highest praise for a restaurant meal.  Then a quick look at the map, and what did we see – we were just a couple miles from Graceland.  So Graceland it was!

And there I am, giving my best Elvis sneer (which, now that I look at it, isn’t all that good), next to the Elvis monument near his grave.

So how was Graceland?  A little cheesy, I must admit.  Which probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  Of course, Julie was mostly upset that Elvis, with all his money, didn’t see fit to collect art – all the paintings in his house were either prints, or shlock.  But that’s just Julie.

Then it was on the road, several hours more driving, and we got to Dallas.  From where I write this.

Today we spent the day in Dallas.  We spent the morning visiting Dealey Plaza and the site of JFK’s assassination.  Here I am, standing on the very spot where the fatal bullet hit him, with the Texas Schoolbook Depository behind me on one side, the Grassy Knoll on the other.

Then we took our niece Lucy, who lives in Dallas, and her boyfriend Justin to lunch, followed by a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art with Lucy.  The visit was a delight: both Lucy and Justin are artists, and we got a chance to see their terrific art.

Now it’s quiet time back in the hotel before we go grab dinner, and before we hit the road again tomorrow.  Which is, of course, a story for another day.

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  1. bopone1 says:

    I liked Graceland as it was one mansion that looked like someone actually lived there.

    Didn’t know y’all were going through Memphis, the Rendezvous is the place to go there. Oh, its so good…

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