The morning is for me

It looks like I’m going to be settling into a simple pattern. The morning is my time – the kids all sleep late anyway, so I’m free to go off and have my little adventures. In this case, my little adventures consist primarily of scuba diving. That’s one of the main reasons we came here, to the Caymans – it’s a world-renowned scuba destination. So I get down to the lobby by 7:30, meet with my dive operators, and am soon off diving.

The diving is fun, though I don’t see anything fantastic. A rather large green eel (The thing about eels is how they feels), a few turtles, an anchor from the days when the Spaniards ruled these waters. But hey – a nondescript day diving is better than a good day doing just about anything else in my book, so it qualifies as a great morning.

Here’s a few pictures, from the boat ride out and the first dive. My batteries died before the second dive, so alas – no pictures of Spanish anchors.





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