Santa Fe and art

Santa Fe has more art galleries than any other city I’ve seen.  They have several sections of the city devoted to galleries.  And many of the galleries have art decorating their outside.

new mexico-19

new mexico-21

Our gallery attendance is limited by Julie’s class.  But we did walk down Canyon Road, where many of the galleries are.  And there were late-night hours at the Railway gallery section on Friday, so we got to visit those.  I particularly liked some videos by Mary Reid Kelley (link to here site here) which come weird visuals, odd humor, and history geeking – three of my favorite things.  I found her work inspiring – I wouldn’t be surprised to see her influence cropping up in some of my future films.

There’s also several native American artists with work for sale.  They line the Santa Fe Governor’s Palace.

new mexico3-1

We bought some gifts there, but I shall not share details, thus avoiding spoiling some surprises.

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