Ireland #1

Julie and I went to Ireland, from March 12-24, 2018.  I haven’t had time to give detailed blog posts, but here we go with the quick version of events.

Monday, March 12

We land in Dublin at around 6:00 AM.  We go to the hotel and get a little sleep.  Then it’s off to visit sites in Dublin.  We visited, with ratings by Joe on a scale of 1-5:

  • The Little Museum, which covered the history of Dublin from 1915 to present and included a 1960’s fashion exhibit.  (Joe: 2)

  • Trinity College and the Book of Kells, including an amazing library – very Hogwarts. (Joe: 3, 4 for the library)

  • The Oscar Wilde monument, a favorite of mine. (Joe: 4)

  • The National Gallery of Art, which had an amazing exhibit of the work of the artist Emil Nolde, a German artist who we lated discovered was a wannabe Nazi, but Hitler didn’t like abstract expressionists, so no Nazi party for him. (Joe: 3, 5 for the Nolde exhibition)

And that was Monday.

Tuesday, March 13 – Thursday, March 15

I had to work.  Julie spent most of the time in the hotel working on stuff, but did get out to the National Gallery again one day.

Friday, March 16

Work is done!  We do Dublin!

  • St Patrick’s Cathedral. (Joe: 3)

  • Christ Church Cathedral.  (Joe: 2)

  • Dublinia Museum of Dublin, very cheesy.  (Joe: 3)

  • Dublin Castle.  (Joe: 2)

  • An exhibition of art inspired by the Potato Famine. (Joe: 4)

  • The Dublin Museum of Modern Art. (Joe: 2)

  • Kilmainham Gaol, where they shot the Easter Uprising leaders in 1916, strangely reminiscent of the Workhouse (former jail where political prisoners made a stand and were horribly treated).  (Joe: 4)

Only one person in that cell?  Palatial!


They even had an exhibit on force feedings!

Saturday, March 17: St Patrick’s Day in Dublin!

Of course we go to the parade! (Joe: 4)

The spectators are mostly tourists in cheesy Irish outfits.

There are marching bugs:


Bicycling suffragettes:

And pretty girls, dressed in way too little for such a cold day.

We didn’t make that mistake!

We finished the day by seeing “Thriller Live,” a stage show based on the works of Michael Jackson.  Very entertaining.  (Joe: 4 – and surprised he liked it so much)

More to come…


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