Ireland #2

Sunday, March 18

We’re done with Dublin, and we hit the road!  There’s snow on it!

  • Newgrange.  Alas, the site itself is closed by snow, so this is as close as we get. (Joe: 2, 3 if you get to the site)

  • Battle of the Boyne.  Closed for snow.  (Joe: 1)
  • Some random monastery that we stumble across.  (Joe: 3)

  • Another random monastery, this one with a circular tower. Ireland has a lot of random monasteries.  And circular towers.  And castles.  And ruins of one sort or other. (Joe: 2)

  • The Hills of Tara, homes of the ancient Irish High King.  Irish kings apparently liked being in high, cold, windy places. (Joe: 5)

Some kids were sledding there – right where the High King hung out.  Neat!

  • Another random monastery.  (Joe: 3)

  • Trim Castle, closed for the weather, wonderful from the outside. (Joe: 3, 4 when its open)

More sledding kids, these ones using plastic bags as sled.  (They don’t get much snow in Ireland.  Well, other than this year – this was their second big snow in two weeks.)

Monday, March 19

We leave Dublin and hit the road for points south.

  • The beautiful lakes of Glendalough.  Not all that beautiful covered in snow.  The drive through snow-covered mountains is nice, though.  (Joe: 2, 3 for the drive)

  • Kilkenny for some shopping, and a chance to beat on a giant drum.  (Joe: 2, 3 for the drum)

  • The Rock of Cashel, perhaps the most dramatic site in Ireland.  Ruined cathedral on top of a cold windy hill.  Very cold and windy – so they used to have an Irish king who lived there. (Joe: 5)

  • That night, we stay at Waterford Castle, which turns out to require us to take a ferry.  (Joe: 4 for the hotel, 3 for the ferry ride)

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