Ireland #3

Tuesday, March 20

  • Cahir Castle.  (Joe: 3)

Julie feeds some geese – she feeds a lot of birds this trip.  They charge!

  • Blarney Castle.  Joe kisses the Blarney Stone.  Julie has too much sense.  Joe catches a cold.  It turns out that lining up in a crowd of hundreds and kissing the same stone they all kiss isn’t the best idea in the world.  At least we get to pay a lot for the privilege.  Really, whoever came up with that idea is full of the blarney!  (Joe: 2)

Julie feeds more birds.  This time better-behaved ones – large crows.  There’s lots of large crows in Ireland.

Killarney National Park.

We do a lot of things here.

  • We take a carriage ride through the park. (Joe: 4)

  • We visit lovely gardens. (Joe: 3)

  • We visit a magical valley with a waterfall.  It feels like fairies should live there. (Joe: 5)

  • We visit a ruined monastery.  In the cloister, a large yew tree grows.  Another magical place.  (Joe: 5)

  • We watch the sunset over the mountains. (Joe: 3)

Really, this place was amazing – one of our favorite stops.

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